Babe: Newborn, Sawyer

Look at this sweet little boy!  I was so excited to get some pictures of my sweet friends new baby.  Lindsay and Sean are first time parents but I tell you what they seemed to have it figured out by day 9 when I took these photos.  I certainly know I didn’t have it together by then.  Anywho, poor Sawyer did not like the sunny spot I had chosen in their house for his photos so we had to move it into his bedroom and crank up a heating pad to keep this little man happy.  Mom and dad said he was not a fan of being naked but really who can blame him with these cooler temperatures that we are getting.  Expect to see lots more of this little man as his parents have chosen to do the Babes First Year Package, so you will be seeing him a lot around here.  :)



Babe: Newborn, Finley

Introducing Miss Finley, isn’t she beautiful!  Little miss was about 3 weeks old here, ideally I like to do them sometime between birth and a week week but sometimes that just doesn’t happen for new parents, and I totally understand.  I just love newborn sessions and can’t wait to continue following this sweet little girl over the next year, as her sweet parents decided to do the Babes First Year Package.  I am also excited because I am going to get to photograph her sweet cousin that was just born last Friday.  I can’t wait to do his session sometime soon.  Anywho, enjoy and you’ll be seeing this sweet face a lot over the next year.  :)


Babe: Happy 1st Birthday Reagan!

I can hardly believe this little one is already one year old.  She was my first baby to start a Babes First Year Package, so its a little bittersweet that we are already done with all of her photos.  I’d really like to thank her sweet parents for letting me capture little moments of their family throughout this past year.  I had so much fun and really enjoyed getting to know this super cool family of 4.

Miss Reagan was not a huge fan of me this go around and not really a huge fan of my camera either.  She also wasn’t so sure about me sticking her in a basket full of balloons. :)  She did however think the cupcake smash was a pretty decent idea at the end of our session.

Here are a few of my favorites from her previous sessions.  Again, BIG thanks to the Swaney’s for letting me take pictures of your sweet little family over the last year, I so enjoyed it!

Here’s a little look at how much Miss Reagan has changed over the last year!


3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

Happy 1st Birthday!


Family: The Dye’s

What can I say, could this child be any more adorable?  Here parents are pretty cute too, but I am in love with this little girl.  Her mom and dad warned me that photo ops have not gone what you’d call smoothly in the past but in the first 5 minutes we already had some pretty cute photos of this little family.  I think it has a little something to do with the fact that my little girl is just about the same age as Lizzie so I know their schemes and what might work to keep them happy during a shoot.  :)  Anywho, I hope you all love them as much as I do!


So sweet.

Beautiful eyes.

I LOVE this one!


Every time I would squat down to get at her level she would also squat down, it was pretty funny.

Family: The Sloan Family

I was so happy to meet this family of four.  Their two boys are incredibly cute and did a great job during our shoot.  We could not have picked a more beautiful morning to take these photos.  It was a little cool but not to bad.  I think they even have a perfect photo for holiday cards the colors of yellow, green and red were the perfect combo.


Perfect holiday card!

Photo A Year

I think this is quite possibly one of the cutest ideas I’ve found thus far on Pinterest.  If your into cooking, photos, fashion, DIY projects, home decor, really ANYTHING you should check it out.  You’ll be sucked in for a few days, but I promise your pinning needs will subside after a few days, ok maybe weeks.  I have enough projects to last me until at least 2015 at the rate I am accomplishing them :)

Anywho, my nephew turned two in September and I thought who better to try this little project out on than him and my sister-in-law.  I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out and will definitely be doing this for my little lady for her 3rd Birthday coming up in November.  I can’t wait to keep track of all their likes/dislikes over the coming years. :)

If you have a session coming up and you are interested in doing something like this for your little ones just let me know and we’ll discuss your options.


Maternity: Lindsay and Sean


I finally got to do a maternity shoot!  I could not be more excited for my dear friends Lindsay and Sean as they are expecting a baby boy about three months before we are expecting our new baby girl.  I am already looking forward to our  play dates :)  These two could not be a better match and I can’t wait to see how much they LOVE being parents.  They currently have two dogs that are their “babies”, I am wondering how much their worlds are going to change once baby Sawyer arrives.  :)  I am super excited that I will get to follow this little booger, because Lindsay and Sean have decided to do the “Babes First Year Package”.  So stay tuned for little Sawyer’s arrival sometime the very beginning of November.  Again, thank you Sean and Lindsay for allowing me into your home.  I love your little guys room, I can’t believe its only September and the nursery is already ready.  You two are putting a lot of parents in shame, myself included.  Our second will be lucky to even have a place to call her own. :)

Babe: Chase 2 Years

I took some photos of my super cute nephew on Sunday, along with his momma and daddy.  It was lots of fun taking him around, and I think we got some super cute photos in the end.  My most favorites are the booty shots with the cowboy boots and hat.  All credit goes to my sister in law, Niki for this idea, I LOVE them.  They might be my most favorite picture I’ve ever taken.  Anywho, here he is in all his 2 year old glory!


Custom Design: Save the Dates

I did these Save the Dates for Jaclyn and Kyle earlier this summer.  Unfortunately, I never got them posted on here with all the other things going on in life.  Anywho, I finally have a little down time and wanted to share these super cute cards.  I really love these cards, because they use a quote from Jaclyn and Kyle’s  favorite song, the one they will dance to on their wedding day. Jaclyn couldn’t decide between the two designs so just chose to have both printed, smart girl! :)  I hope their family and friends enjoyed these as much as we do.  Can’t wait to shoot their big day in April!





Wedding: Mr. and Mrs. Ball

I have to say that this is the most unique wedding I’ve ever attended.  There were tons of beautiful details, some that were hand-crafted by the groom and bride’s father.  The guests gifts were homemade cinnamon pickles that the bride and her mother canned and labeled.  Let’s just say this event was a labor of love.  Everyone put a lot into each part of this wedding, from the hand-made wedding invitations to the beautiful centerpieces on each table, everything was perfect.  The only thing that could have made the day a bit better would have been cooler temps and maybe even a nice breeze.  Talk about hot, but it doesn’t even compare to the record temperatures that we are experiencing today, I’ve heard it could reach 108 degrees.  Alex and Heather let’s just be thankful the wedding isn’t today!

Anywho, I so enjoyed capturing this couples day.  Everything ran super smoothly, thanks to an ultra organized bride and mother of the bride.  I really think Heather should start selling her organization system to other brides, because it was top notch.  Stephanie and I never had to question what was next, or who we even needed to be taking pictures of because it was seriously written out plain as day for us, and let’s just say that made our jobs SUPER easy!

Big thank you to Heather and Alex for allowing Stephanie and I photograph your big day, both sets of parents and Stephanie for asking me to help her with this little project!  :)