Babe: Newborn, Sawyer

November 21st, 2011

Look at this sweet little boy!  I was so excited to get some pictures of my sweet friends new baby.  Lindsay and Sean are first time parents but I tell you what they seemed to have it figured out by day 9 when I took these photos.  I certainly know I didn’t have it together by then.  Anywho, poor Sawyer did not like the sunny spot I had chosen in their house for his photos so we had to move it into his bedroom and crank up a heating pad to keep this little man happy.  Mom and dad said he was not a fan of being naked but really who can blame him with these cooler temperatures that we are getting.  Expect to see lots more of this little man as his parents have chosen to do the Babes First Year Package, so you will be seeing him a lot around here.  :)



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