Spring Clothing Ideas!

March 14th, 2011

I seem to get the same questions over and over.  I’d say the number one question people ask before having their pictures taken is, “what should I/we wear?”  I always give my two cents and sometimes people listen and sometimes they don’t, but I’ll always say don’t be too matchy matchy.  Meaning, no all white or all black, try to mix it up with patterns and coordinating colors.

If your looking to have your families pictures done sometime this Spring, here is a little something to inspire you!  For this illustration I chose to go with cool colors.  I picked out the little girls skirt first and added everyone else’s outfit based on those colors.  So, pick out your favorite outfit or your kiddos, and start building your wardrobe from there.  I found all of this stuff at Old Navy, I chose Old Navy because they typically have similar colors and styles throughout their kids and adult lines so its easy to mix and match a whole family.  I also chose Old Navy for my illustration, because they usually have some pretty decent sales and pretty cute clothes for the entire family.  I don’t want my clients to feel like they have to go out and spend a fortune on new clothes for a new set of family pictures.  Trust me I’d rather you save that money for something you and your family really need.  :)

Hope this is helpful to some of you and once booking your session if you have any questions about what you should wear, please feel free to ask! Picking out what your going to wear should be the fun part!


Men's Shirt














Little Boys Shirt














Women’s Cardigan with Cropped Jeans


























Little Girls Sweater














Little Girls Skirt



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